About Us

Growing up in prospect heights a suburb of Chicago, Illinois I enjoyed a close community of neighbors and friends.

My parents lived in the house I was raised in with my brother and sister for 42 years. In the early 90’s they retired to my mom’s hometown Oklahoma City. After 12 years of me living on the west coast, which Is where I acquired my love for coffee I too moved to Oklahoma. 

Southside OKC was void of coffee shops 20 years ago, which is when my dream was first seeded. After several years of planning, in 2006 The Blue Bean Coffee Co. opened its doors. We evolved over the years baking treats, offering loose leaf teas, giftware, and gourmet single varietals whole bean coffee, as well as custom flavoring our beans to order. 

Today our brick and mortar maybe closed, but you can still buy our gourmet beans to make coffee at home or share with friends and family.