Frequently asked questions

Q: Are there any other Blue Bean locations?
A: No, The Blue Bean Coffee Company is singly owned and operated.

Q: Do you cater?
Yes! Check out our catering menu for more information. Simply call the shop at 405-735-5115 to book your event!

Q: Do you offer any gluten free or vegan items?
Yes! We offer Taos Mountain energy bars which are all natural, vegan, and gluten free. We also have vegan cookies from Alternative Baking Company, they are available in a variety of delicious flavors. Chukar Cherries is another brand we carry offering items such as chocolate covered cherries and nuts, these items are all natural and gluten free.

Q: Do you sell whole coffee beans?
A: Yes! We always have whole coffee beans on the shelf ready for pick up! Chose from a dark roast, regular roast, flavored coffee, and decaf coffee. Additional flavors are also available upon request. We can also grind the beans for you here at the shop.

Q: Are your coffee beans organic?
A: We offer Desert Sun Coffee which is fair trade and USDA certified organic.

Q: Who roasts your coffee beans?
A: Grounds for Compassion in Bethany, Oklahoma and Desert Sun Coffee Roasters in Durango, Colorado

Q: What milk options do I have for my coffee?
A: We offer whole milk, nonfat milk, and soy milk.

Q: Do you offer a frequent customer card?
A: Yes! We use a computer system to track customer’s purchases. After ten drinks are purchased a free drink is available on the customer’s account. Simply come in the shop, ask for a blue bean card and we will get a free account set up for you in seconds!

Q: How do I become the fan of the day?
A: All you have to do is “like us” on Facebook and we randomly pick a Facebook fan to be the honorary fan of the day. If you come in the shop on the day you are picked then you will receive a free drink and pastry item for being an awesome supporter!

Q: What is the wall of fame?
A: The wall of fame is where we display customers in their Blue Bean T-shirts from all around the world. Whether you take a trip to New York, Ireland, Australia, or even Kansas, be sure to snap a picture in your Blue Bean shirt, and email your image to

Q: Are there any drink options for children?
A: Yes, we have many options for the kiddos. We have smoothies, hot chocolate, cremosa (Italian soda)and creamsicles (cream based frappes flavored with your syrup of choice, i.e. strawberry, vanilla, orange, etc). We also have seasonal kid-friendly drinks including twisted lemonade, apple cider, red velvet frappes, and green tea frappes.

Q: Do you have tea?
A: Yes! Our tea supplier is Market Spice out of Seattle Washington. Check out our full list of loose leaf teas for more information. We also have a stock of Market Spice tea bags if you need an at home supply.

Q: Do you have any gift items?
A: Yes! We offer gift certificates, Blue Bean t-shirts, various mugs, tea pots, gourmet treats, seasonal items, and more! We can even create a custom made gift basket for your favorite coffee or tea lover!